Bean Bags

Are you looking for Best Bean bags in India, if yes then you are exactly at the right place. We will be showing you some of the most desired type of Bean bags used and which size can be best fit for you.

Bean Bags are classified as a part of leisure and are best alternative touch to your home furnishings products like Sofas, chairs or stools far below your budget. But buying means picking the right bean bag size and material for your available Living space. Its size also depends on the configuration you’re looking for and who will be using the bean bag.

What are Bean Bags ?

A bean bag is a sealed bag which contains dried beans majorly made of expanded polystyrene. And sealed bags can be made up of materials like Leatherette, Genuine leather, cotton, denim fabric or fur.

Benefits of using Bean Bags

  1. Body Posture – Bean bags are best known for their flexibility since their shape can adjust to whatever load they receive, whereas traditional chairs have fixed heights. Your spine is also completely supported in bean bags which is ideal for people who want to correct their body postures.
  2. Reduces Tension & Headaches – With poor sitting posture usually affects the tension given to your neck and shoulders, which ultimately leads to headaches. With Bean bags use you can lower headaches by up to 70%. You can easily prevent the unwanted pain allowing the muscles to relax and drain the tension. 
  3. Reduces Muscle and Joint Pain – The strain associated with sitting or lying down on a rigid support causes joint pain. But it is reduced with capability of the bean bags to mould themselves according to the shape of your body.
  4. Portability – Bean Bags are highly portable in nature with its light weight fabric design and extreme light weight bean filler which allows you to take it anywhere from living room to bed room easily.
  5. Budget friendly – Bean Bags always prove itself as a budget friendly option with its range starts from somewhere Rs 700(without beans) and goes up to higher side as per quality of bean bag cover selected.
  6. Numerous Designs – Nowadays, Bean bag not just comes in classic design but several other shapes like chairs, lounger, Chase or couch are available in market.

Buying Guide – Select best Bean bags for your Home

Considering that a sofa costs an average of Rs 25000, that figure comes as no surprise. But are there alternative ways of furnishing your home? Yes, Beans bags are an affordable way to make your living space or bedroom comfortable and provides a best alternative option for Sofas.

But to choose the perfect bean bag, you need to know what bean bag size works for your needs and space available at your room.